13 Rarely-seen Photos of Kim Kardashian Before Fame

Undoubtedly, reality star, Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous person in the world right now.

The Kardashian clan has hit a height of fame that is unprecedented. Kim Kardashian, especially, has become world famous over the years.

It might be hard to remember that there was a time that Kim K was simply a young socialite who was most famous for being Paris Hilton’s bestie.

So, in honour of Throwback Thursday, here are 13 stunning photos of Kim before she became the world class star that she is today.

1. Her youth shines through in this silky number.


2. Sparkling up the carpet way back when with a Cheetah girl.


3. Hosting on TRL


4. Rocking the bandage dress. It’s like she KNOWS she’s gonna be a star.


5. Kim has come a long way and absolutely no longer coordinates her outfits this way.


6. She sure did love her belts in those days.


7. Slaying on the runway. Is that some kind of scarf?


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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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