2 of Kingtblakhoc’s girls abandon him and promise not to do po-rn again as they repent

So, it looks like business is bad for the self acclaimed king of Nigerian porn, Kingtblakhoc as he took to his Snapchat account today and has been ranting about the two ladies who he recently dumped probably for new girls, probably because of their ungrateful attitude.

TBlak kept ranting about how Gold and Olayemi disrespected him, and then urged his followers not to help people in this life, as they’d only come back to stab their benefactors at the back.

Now, the girls have responded..

In a video published by Chinnysblog, one of his girls, Peace Olayemi, who claims she has turned a new leaf, has called on Nigerian to seek their candid advice on possible career prospects they can delve to.

She was alongside, Lady Gold, revealed they both promised never to go back to doing “porn” again.

Watch the video below, followed by some pictures of Lady Gold and Peace Olayemi.


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