Artist Demands $100,000 and Supply of Yeezys to Remove Painting of Kanye West Kissing Himself

Rapper Kanye West and wife, Kim Kardashian were one of the hottest and trending topics at the 2015 Grammy awards last year, after the two were pictured getting steamy on the red carpet. The couple were photographed sharing a very hot kiss with Kanye cupping a feel of his wife’s famous booty.

The photo quickly went viral with couples re-enacting the kiss and people creating hilarious memes from it. However, an Australian artist thought it will be more fun to reproduce the photo as a wall painting of Kanye kissing himself instead.


The artist named Scott Marsh painted a 20-foot mural of Kanye kissing himself on the side of a building in Sydney, Australia and Kanye isn’t too pleased with the artwork. According to reports, the rapper has contacted the artist to remove the painting from the building and even offered him a decent amount of money to paint over the artwork.


Mr. Marsh has reportedly agreed to remove the painting but on one condition: he gets a lifetime supply of #Yeezy Boost sneakers and $100,000 as payment. According to him, he created a one-off oversized print of the mural, which has been painted over, and that if Kanye buys it for $100,000, he’ll paint over the original. “It’s an open invitation to Kanye. If he buys that print then I’ll paint over the mural,” Marsh said.

He has reportedly given Kanye two weeks to purchase the print to which Kanye is yet to respond to.

Source: Baller Alert

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