Comedian Seyi Law Renews Marital Vow With Wife Stacy – See Photos


Yesterday, comedian Seyi Law shared photos from his 5th wedding anniversary celebration with his wife Stacy, and he hasn’t stopped telling the world about the great woman he married.

To express how much he feels, Seyi Law wrote his wife a heartfelt poem, showered her with praises while reminding her and everyone who cares to read that theirs is a love that “has no end.”

“My Bae and I,” the happy husband wrote, adding, “5 Years down, Forever to go. A milestone crossed, more footprints to leave. I love ya.”

Recall that in December, he gifted her a $35,000 Honda Crosstour, thanking her for standing by his side through all the difficult years. Read his love note to her today:

I looked into your eyes several times, but the burning desire never ends.
Your beauty is not of the outward, but within.
Your strength is in accommodating without complaints.
You are an epitome of Amazement.
A creation of Excellence,
The definition of Greatness,
And a Heart Of Pure Gold.
Love You.
Our love is renewed,
And anointing refreshed.
The ring has no end,
So shall our joy and love be.

See photos from their anniversary:







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