Davido’s Manager Gives Details On How Davido and Mc Galaxy’s Fight Went Down


HKN Gang frontier, Davido and MC Galaxy got into a heated argument few days ago at Shizzi‘s studio in Lekki, Lagos, which resulted in MC Galaxy ending up beaten to pulp by Davido, his driver and some of his boys.

Galaxy had reportedly said about the incident:

“Yes, I was attacked by Davido, his driver also broke a bottle on my head. Davido is someone I love and I am surprised he did this. His manager Kamal has called to apologize to me but I would rather not have this in the public.”

However, Davido’s manager, Kamal Ajiboye has denied that Davido touched Mc Galaxy

He Said:

“I was actually there with them earlier in the day but I left before the fight started. I’ve spoken to both of them, and what happened is that, first, you know Davido and Galaxy are friends, he always invites them for his comedy shows and most times he makes jokes out of them at his shows, the boys didn’t like it and they’ve been warning him about it for a while. So I guess at the studio, he started again, he began comparing his career to B-Red saying he’s bigger than B-red. They argued over it for a while then he turned to another HKN boy, Lati and called him a driver and common houseboy.  Lati has also been warning him not to call him a driver because he’s a Personal Assistant and not a driver but he didn’t listen. So David(o) was fed up and just told him to leave. From what I heard, David didn’t touch him, it was Lati that pushed him and that led to a fight.’… “

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    1. Y don’t u shut up @emmanuel or whatever ur name is…m nt in support of anybody buh don’t u don’t have to call ppl names.u ain’t dere so shut d fuck up nd don’t say jack shit.if u can’t say somtin nice den shut ur hole u call a mouth.

  1. Na ur broda? Y r u carrying it on ur head, sha davido is proud n has bin involved in different conflict with people ,check it up and you would see. I love his songs buh he has 2calm down or else he wud nt be able 2handle d consequence, he’s still a small boy

  2. Wetin bi una own wey una dey insult una sef ontop dir mata… Wen all of us go get sense 4dis naija nd stop karrin pple mata 4 head lyk wyclef. Face ya business nd drop ya own komet instead of di insult. Mi knw davido buh no tu lyk am nd as 4 galaxy ino knw him talk mur of lyk am. #CaseClosed