Despite Messy Family Drama, Peter Okoye Defends Paul: ‘Don’t insult my brother!’


The P-Square family drama has kept social media busy over the last couple of weeks. Two days ago, Peter Okoye announced his new stage name and management, and his brother Paul Okoye dropped his new song ‘Call To Heaven’, telling their late parents how they (the sons left behind) have failed.

But the messy drama has obviously not affected the love Peter has for his twin, Paul. Moments ago on Instagram, the dancer slammed a troll who said unkind things about Paul Okoye.

The Dance With Peter star shared a clip of himself practising his guitar and one of his fans, aiming to please him, insulted Paul. “Your brother Paul is a d**k,” the rude fan said, and went on to hail Peter, encouraging him to ‘move on’ because he is the better dancer.

But Peter didn’t take kindly to the fan insulting Paul. “Please don’t insult my brother Paul,” Peter said, adding, “he has nothing to do with whatsoever.”

See the exchange.


Just make up and move on, guys!

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  1. pls square we ned u guys bck biko bcos with two of u d worlds feel d beat of the song ..u guys has came a long way and rememeber dat ur parent will nt be happy wth wat is happen now

  2. Peter & Paul,pls we need u both back as-p square,u both said something in one of your song that peter & Paul them be one no be two,when i had it i was like wow this are kind of song that strength love,two brother telling the world that they are one & not two,we should not allowed p square to go down,pls u guys should settle & come back,i love u guys.