Did Young Thug Just Propose To His Girlfriend On Instagram?


Young Thug already released his highly anticipated Barter 6 album to rave fanfare, took over the iTunes charts, and has been trending on Twitter for majority of the day. Saying he is having a great day would be a major disservice to the legendary twenty four hours he is currently in the middle of enjoying. However, it seems that Thugga’s day might get even more special, if everything goes as planned.

Earlier this evening, Thug posted a suspicious photo on his Instagram. The post featured his ring clad hand laying on top of another pair of shiny rings. In its caption, Thug only asked “@Missjerrikakarlae will you,” followed by a series of emojis. If you don’t recognize that Instagram handle, it happens to belong to one Jerrika Karlae, the rapper’s girlfriend and swimsuit designer. This information has led some to wonder if this post was actually a proposal.  


If Young Thug was truly proposing remains unclear at the moment; however, after seeing a number of hip hop stars pop the question in the last few months, it’s hard to deny the evidence. We will keep you posted as the situation develops and update you once there is confirmation. 


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