Drake Wipes His Mouth After Making Out With Madonna On Stage — Watch Video


Leave it to Madonna to overshadow every headliner at the world’s biggest music festival… and make thousands of live stream viewers around the world go “EEEWWWWW!”. The Queen of Pop was brought onto stage as a surprise guest of Drake at the Coachella music festival, but it looks like Drizzy got the real shock of the night when Madge gave him a huge lip-lock.

Madonna joined Drake for the song he named after her on his latest mixtape, then took over the stage to perform an interlude featuring her tracks ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Hung Up’. When Drake returned and assumed his favourite position of lap-dance recipient, Madonna came along and gave him a kiss he’ll never forget.

The look on Drake’s face immediately following the lip-lock moment is priceless. As he was left giggling ..and he wiped his mouth. His guest star simply said, “B*tch, I’m Madonna,” and strutted off the stage. Watch Video Below


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