Emeka Ike Exposes 5 Top Movie Producers Notorious For Sleeping With Actreses


Controversial Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has stirred up another controversy again. The Imo State born actor spilled some messy beans troubling Nollywood. The fearless actor, who had serial battles with the embattled president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Ibinabo Fiberesima revealed to journalist five names of movie producers who sleep with actresses for roles. He said:

“There are five people who have taken the laws of Nigerian movie industry into their hands. They are Emma Ogugua, Murphy Stephen, Sunny McDon, Okey Bakassi and Ifeanyi Dikeh. These five people registered Actors Guild of Nigeria as their personal business. No other individual can come in. My first concern is to clean up Nollywood, clean up AGN. Every Nigerian youth want to act movies now, what future are we leaving for them? Where are they going to write their names?”

But on a swift reaction to Ike’s outburst, former Monalisa Chinda’s spokesperson Egor Efiok popularly known as Bosslady has told Ike to keep quiet. Bosslady took Ike to the cleaners, she said:

Egor Efiok

“Emeka Ike is a loose cannon and he is very stupid for calling Sonny McDon’s name. Talentless okoro feeling funky goat who can’t act and only rolls his eyes. Imagine pronouncing Champagne, Michelle and Marijuana exactly how they are spelt without knowing that they are meant to be pronounced as “Sh”ampagne, Mi”sh”elle, and Mari”y”uana, respectively; Everyone burst out laughing at Odeon Cinema after he showed off his ‘razzite’ self! Nonsense!!!

Look at him having the audacity to mention names of well-respected Nollywood veterans. He is not even worthy to wipe the boots of any of the five veterans he mentioned. Useless pikin wey no get respect! Rubbish!!!”

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