Emma Nyra gets candid: Talks Leaving Triple MG & Relationship With Ubi Franklin


Months after she left Triple MG record label, Emma Nyra finally opens up on why she left. The singer revealed this in a new interview with PUNCH, where she also talked about her career, starting up, and her own record label.

Recall that last year, Emma Nyra granted an interview with Vanguard Newspapers where she made scathing remarks about her relationship with Ubi Franklin and accused the label boss of physically abusing her, adding that it was why she left. Also, she accused Franklin of not paying her for her tours.

Now, in a new interview, Nyra has opened up more about that relationship, adding that Ubi Franklin refused to address her grievances, manage her career and finances.

See excerpts from the interview:

On her latest work:

I recently released a single titled For My Matter remix featuring Patoranking. The video has garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube in less than a week and I am very glad about that. I also took a year off to rebrand. I am also working with more female artistes and there are different sides to me that people have not seen. My album will be ready for release in late 2016.

On rebranding:

I have a different look and sound. I am now doing a lot of ‘worldly’ sounds, so I can market myself better to the world. I have not modified my body in any way. What I simply mean is that I am more  polished and I am also more covered up. I am older now, so I am more about building my brand into a household name.

On taking a year-long break from music:

While I was away, I performed at shows in Dubai, Malaysia and United States of America. I also embarked on a tour of Canada within that period. I focused on recording new music and the only difference was just the fact that I was away from Nigeria. That was why a lot of people felt I had relocated to the U.S. It was necessary for me to take that time off because I wasn’t pleased with the direction I was headed. I also wasn’t happy with the way I was being portrayed in the media.

On how she feels about the way her stories have been reported:

So many untrue stories were written about me. By design, I didn’t grant any interview that would have enabled me to talk about them.

On if it was a depressing time for her:

No, it wasn’t because I was with my family. I was only upset about what people thought about me.

On if she ever thought about quitting music:

No, I didn’t. I had always planned to return to the Nigerian music scene but I needed time to fix myself up.

On why she is yet to take over the music scene:

I have only been doing music for three years. I was doing music professionally in the USA before I moved to Nigeria in 2012. Throughout high school, I participated in talent shows, and played sports for my university, which enabled me to sing the American national anthem at every home game. In 2009, I opened up a show for P-Square during their U.S. tour and decided that I wanted to venture into entertainment full-time. I released my first single in 2012 and I am happy with what I am doing right now.

On which label she is signed to:

I have my own label now, Nyra Nation and Nyra Empire. I want to handle my own projects, so I can see and track my own revenue. I can make my own money and also bring up other artistes when the time comes.

On if Triple MG didn’t do all she mentioned above:

Obviously they didn’t.

On if she confronted the label management:

I did air my grievances but they were not addressed. That was why I left the label.

On rumours that she once dated Ubi Franklin:

I actually wasn’t in a relationship with Ubi. He made all that story up. Personally, I don’t want to speak about it.

On what she feels about the heavy criticism she receives over her fashion style: 

People will always have negative things to say about anybody and sometimes it’s good and at other times, bad. My sister told me to be calm and not respond to everybody that has something to say about me.

On her relationship with other artistes:

I have worked with the likes of Cynthia Morgan, Yemi Alade, Seyi Shay, and Victoria Kimani. I have a good relationship with other female artistes. I respect them so much and I know what we go through as female artistes in Nigeria. I will definitely work with more of them soon and I can’t wait to release my new work to the public.

Source: PUNCH

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