Ex-Beauty Queen, Maryam Elisha Narrowly Escapes Death As G-Wagon Goes Up in Flames (Video)

Former beauty queen Maryam Elisha narrowly escaped death yesterday after her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon went up in flames on the Eko Bridge in Lagos.

According to SDK, the Rikaoto by ME designer who is famous for designing dresses for beauty pageants, was driving along the bridge yesterday when other road users drew her attention to the flames from her car.

In her chat with SDK, Elisha said her brakes failed at that moment but she kept on struggling to stop the wagon and when it did roll to a stop, the doors wouldn’t open.

“When the car eventually started to slow down, I put it on park and tried to open the door, which wouldn’t open until people came to my aid and helped me out before the fire spread everywhere,” she said.

Away from the vehicle which had completely gone up in flames, Maryam Elisha captured the moments as her wagon burned completely.

However, she is thankful.

Watch the clip:

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