Femi Falana Speaks On His Son’s Music Career


Renowned lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has spoken on the need for parents to give their kids room to pursue a desired career path rather than impose a specific choice on them. He is the father of Nigerian rap star Folarin ‘Falz The Bahd Guy’ Falana.

According to The Leadership, Falana spoke on the issue as he made reference to the late Afro beat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti and his choice for music even when his parents sent him overseas to acquire a prestigious degree.

The reputed lawyer said that upon Fela’s accomplishments however, his family started to have a rethink as regards his chosen career.


Speaking on his son’s decision to pursue music in spite of acquiring a Law degree from England, Falana stated that Falz approached him and stated that he was tired of practicing in the legal profession which initially left him surprised.

The Leadership reported the Human Rights Activist as saying Falz complained of being tired of long adjournment of cases which led to his desire to switch to music.

But even though Falana tried to understand the idea behind the decision, he said the rapper could not get his mother to see reasons with him.

In summation, Falana said it is fine for children to pick careers of their choice as they must not necessarily become lawyers or doctors.

He said: “Don’t force any course on your children; don’t insist that they must be doctors or lawyers. My son Folarin, who was working in our chambers, came to inform me one day that he wanted to leave. I said I could find him a place in one of my friends’ chambers. But he said no, ‘I’m going to be a musician’. When I asked why, he convinced me but he couldn’t convince his mother because she’s also a lawyer. Today, he’s doing well as a musician and not as a lawyer. So let’s debate with our children to know what they want to do.”

Source: NAIJ

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