Genevieve Nnaji Warms up to D’banj on Instagram!


Years ago, there were controversies surrounding Genevieve Nnaji’s relationship with D’banj, especially after she appeared in his video, ‘Fall In Love’, though the duo did not comment until what we assumed was their breakup in 2014.

But D’banj denied ever dating Genevieve Nnaji, and this was after source claimed that the actress broke up with him because of his randy lifestyle. “Honestly, I’m not dating Genevieve,” the singer told Daily Post in 2014, dismissively. “Let me clear the air now. I never had a crush on her!”

However, speaking with the London’s Bang FM, D’banj’s bestie JJC Skillz revealed details of the couple’s relationship for the first time.

When asked to play the game of which actresses he would ‘Ignore, kiss, marry’, JJC Skillz said he would ‘ignore’ Genevieve Nnaji, and his reasons was “She is (a) beauty, she is amazing but I don’t want to share my brother’s ex, it’s very controversial for that reason it’s better I’m the first taker. She loved him like crazy but dude got other plans.”

Years has gone by with nothing heard about the former couple. They do not follow each other on social media, until yesterday, when fans notice something weird – Genevieve, yesterday, started following D’banj on Instagram!

See the screenshot:


So, are they warming up to each other again, or simply becoming cordial? We just have to wait to find out!

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