How I Lost My Brother To A Plane Crash – D’banj


The success of Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj cannot be quantified over the years.

He has released several hit singles with international artists such as Kanye West, Big Sean, Snoop Dogg, Akon, Fally Pupa among others. In an interview with CNN’s Ketura King, D’banj opened up on his music career, revealed how he wanted to be a military officer but lost his brother in a plane crash and much more.

Speaking on his childhood, D’banj disclosed that: “Although I was born in Kaduna state but I was always moving from one barracks to the next with my dad, so I grew living in every part of Nigeria loving the whole military atmosphere and I wanted to be a super hero by saving the world but instead of carry the guns I carried the micro-phone.”

On how he lost his brother and developed his love for music, he said: “I lost my brother who was ahead of me in the military school and that changed my perspective a bit and my dad did not want any of us going through that line anymore. My brother wanted to be a pilot and ironically he died in plane crash. I walked into his room and I saw all his clothes lined up and then I saw the ‘harmonica’. So I picked it up and everywhere I went I played it and music came. Today I am D’banj.”

Going down memory lane, D’banj revealed that 10-years before now no mother or father would ever support his or her children being a musician but now every parent wants an entertainer in their home.

He said: “10-years ago if you told your mom after school that you wanted to be a musician, she would probably report you to your pastor or your Imam, your uncles or your aunties. Then, of course, your father would beat you. Today every household wants an entertainer. Every household wants a musician, a comedian.”

D’banj further revealed that he still has his eyes on Oscars as he thanked his mother, father, grandmother and the whole of Africa for supporting him over the years and having his back.

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