I Have Never Slept With Any Actress – Majid Michel


Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel, has always been associated as the ladies man because of the roles he plays in most movies, but the actor who is happily married for the past 11 years to his wife, Virna, is not the bad type of husband.

The actor, whom in some quarters has been perceived to be a womanizer, has denied sleeping with any actress in movies or ever engaged in extra marital affairs.

Majid, who has accrued lots of respect for himself stressed that he doesn’t engage himself in those stuffs because he respects the vow he made to his wife.

“Ladies don’t admire me, they admire the characters I play. If you think it’s you they want, then you are making a mistake.”

He continued:

“No producer calls me for movie role because of Majid, they call me because of my gift as an actor, so it’s not really your personality they like, and until you understand this, you will be fooled, and then get trapped,” he disclosed

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