‘I Love Igbos. My Best Boyfriend was Igbo!’ – Tonto Dikeh Denies Ever Insulting Igbo Men

Tonto Dikeh has no qualms with men from the Igbo ethnic group, the actress now says.

In new exchange with a fan who called her out for slamming Igbo men years ago, the actress, who is currently going through a messy separation with her husband Churchill Olakunle, denies she ever made such a statement and blamed it on folks running fake Tonto Dikeh pages.

Don’t believe everything you read. [I’m]partly Igbo, I have Igbo brothers. Started making a living from Iweka road Onitsha via movies(Igbo land),” she says today, adding, “My best boyfriend…was Igbo. I LOVE IGBOS.”

But the shade against Igbo men was not done from her social media account. The actress, who recently moved on with her child and left Olakunle, reportedly made the controversial statement during an interview with Punch Newspapers.

Here’s what the actress reportedly said:

“First of all, it is nobody’s business where my fiance is from. That out of the way, yes Benin men are great and very understanding. They don’t sit and judge you unlike Igbo men, who poke-nose in everything you do. You make your money and the Edo man is not interested in your personal affairs . If I keep waiting for an Igbo man I will just end up eternally single.”

This statement prompted vocal writer Onyeka Nwelue to reply her with a scathing open letter where he dismissed her career. He wrote:

“But to pick on Igbo men? This is very unacceptable. You insulted a lot of us. This simply shows how unintelligent you are towards anthropology. Men are the same all over the world. Igbo man, Yoruba man, Hausa man. We all treat women in similar ways. We love unconditionally. And we all become nosy when our women start acting like you. If your father is an Igbo man, dearest Tonto Dikeh, you are a monkey. But I will be sorry if you didn’t say that. I only rely on the media, since I don’t know you personally. If you didn’t say it, Tonto, I am very sorry. I will publicly apologise. Yet, I believe you did, because you do so many things after marijuana. If it’s not good for your brain,stop smoking. Listen to Adele’s “Someone Like You” and you will feel good. I don’t look forward to hearing from you.”

Tonto Dikeh never refuted that statement, until today. See her exchange with the fan:

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