“I Will Never Go Nude For Attention” – Efe Irele

A fast rising actress, a model and a video vixen, Efe Irele, who is famous for her role in Adekunle Gold’s hit single, Sade.’, has revealed sheis not intimidated while on set.

She explained

“My senior colleagues were actually supportive. They were coming from time to time to encourage me. The director of the film too was very helpful. He was always talking to me about getting into my character.

I enjoyed being on the set of this movie because it has exposed me to a lot of things happening out there, especially in the IDP camps. A lot of people are suffering for something they did not bargain for. I feel this movie should expose a lot of ugly things going on in the IDP camps.

She talked about her role in Adekunle’s video;

“When I was a video vixen, it was my manager that got the job for me. The day we shot the video was the first day I met Adekunle Gold. It was my manager that sealed the deal.

How much of nudity she will display is something she is strict with;

“That was never me at any point in time. From the outset, I had this kind of mindset that I am not going to show my skin to bring any attention to myself. In all the musical videos I have featured in, I was properly dressed.

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