Artist manager Tee Billz is speaking up about mental health awareness.

In a short post on Instagram, the 323 Entertainment boss posted a quote from actress Kerry Washington talking about mental health and then added “If you can seek help for malaria and fever, don’t be ashamed about your psychological and emotional condition!!! Why are we so afraid to discuss mental health in our society??? #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness”

His comment section has been filled with followers showing their support for his courage.

But a fan thought he was simply being too ’emotional’. “Stop being emotional and man up. Go get your girl if you still want her,” said the fan.

And Tee Billz had some words for him.

“Stop being ignorant and get educated,” said Tee Billz who has previously attempted suicide during his messy breakup with Tiwa Savage, and then he called out bloggers for always looking out for sensational stories about him.

“When I post BS and unimportant stuff do you see how many likes and views I get versus when I post impactful stuff, even the bloggers that can help use their medium will never do that, but let it it be some nonsense that makes no difference in people’s life” he said.

Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage reportedly are back as a couple after months. Sources close to the family say that they are also going through counselling.