In Photos: The Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria From 2000 To 2015

Every year, beauties from all over the country compete for a chance to represent Nigeria at the Miss World pageant.

They take on giant steps towards being the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria which was originally known as Miss Universe Nigeria, it was renamed after news publishers Daily Times lost its license to send delegates from rival contest Miss Nigeria to Miss World and Miss Universe.

We compiled the winners of Silverbird’s Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant over the last few years and in ascending order, here they are;

1. Matilda Kerry – MBGN 2000


2. Agbani Darego – MBGN 2001


3. Chinenye Ochuba Akindele – MBGN 2002


4. Celia Bissong – MBGN 2003


5. Anita Uwagbale Iseghoghi – MBGN 2004


6. Omowunmi Akinnifesi – MBGN 2005


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