#BBNaija: Kemen says TBoss withheld truth about his sexual misconduct case

In an interview with Media Room Hub, Kemen ,who on Sunday 5, 2017, was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija reality show for touching Tboss without her content, claimed that TBoss withheld the truth about the events that happened on Saturday.

He started off saying everything was misunderstood and only himself and Tboss knows the truth.

“I got myself entangled in a situation that was misunderstood. The honest truth about what happened under the covers, let’s not forget that the video was focused on a certain movement under the cover. The honest truth of what happened under the covers lies between two people, me and tboss, and i only hope that whenever she is out of the house where there is no N25 million at stake, i hope she will be able to embrace the truth about the reality surrounding the video.

“But let me also state that I and Tboss had a cordial relationship. Tboss is a young woman i really like a respected a lot, and she knew i respected her. I respected her because she deserved to be respected by me, and just like i will respect every other woman, i will never put Tboss or any other woman in arms way”

He then went on to give details about what happened:

“I saw the video, when big brother showed me the video in the diary room i was like, ‘aargh, noo, this is not what it looks like’ cos the perception was clear. But for the housemates that has been in the house, we know that there are two windows from where the beds are, Left and the right. We don’t have a watch or clock to check the time, so for you to wake up, you have to look left and right to see if it’s bright so you know whether you have about 5 mins to sleep before the lights comes on, or the alarm. If it’s not bright, then you have like 30 more minutes to sleep. An if you’ve watched the show you know that i am one of the few people that wake up very early and help to wake the other housemates up. So it came into my subconscious to look left and right after i wake up, and on that day it wasn’t bright enough for me to wake up, so i had to go back to bed.

“Now, i went to bed before Tboss and i used the duvet that was on the bed, when Tboss came to the bed she had to use another duvet, and of course there’s a third duvet on the bed. So when i wanted to go back to sleep, i wanted to cuddle Tboss, so i tried pulling out the duvet that was that was wrapped around me ‘cos it was under my legs. I pushed it out and lifted up the duvet inbetween i and tboss so i can move closer to her. So the hand movement that was seen was me just struggling through the duvet to get to tboss. The moment i wrapped my hand around her that was when tboss woke up. She opened her duvet, saw my hand and shifted back into my hands. That was where the video stopped.

“For every night i and tbos where in bed together, she was always in her 3 quarter and her sphaghetti top, Number 2, Tboss is not a deep sleeper i wake i up every morning, number 3, Tboss has the highest stack of alcohol in her cupboard ‘cos she barely drinks. And that night i was not drunk, and if i’m to talk for tboss, she was not drunk that night. The moment my hand touched tboss, she woke up, and that is what happened everytime we are in bed.

“She told the housemates that she broke down when big brother showed her the video that it looks like she as being fingered, and she didn’t know ‘cos she was drunk, But she was awake in that video, and at some point she slept back. Moments after that video, she turned back and she slept with her hands around my shoulder. That was when Uriel woke up, Uriel saw us lying like that and said ‘Later y’all will be acting like you don’t like yourselves but you be cuddling up all night’.

“To be honest to myself and to God, that is the honest truth around that video”

When asked if he thought TBoss should have defended him during his diary session, Kemen said, “if she had the opportunity to say the truth and to defend me, she would have.”

According to him, while TBoss isn’t a bad person, she probably withheld the truth for the sake of the game.

“I think that if she had the opportunity to embrace the truth, she would have,” said Kemen.

“I think if she was given the option, I think she would have taken the option. I know TBoss is not a bad person, but just like every other person, we can do bad stuffs, maybe just for the sake of the game.”

“But, I know that if she had the opportunity to say the truth and to defend me, she would have.”

He was also asked he he had any emotional feelings for Tboss, he replied saying it was just a game and nothing more.

Watch the video below:

Kemen was disqualified after a viral photo of him touching a sleeping TBoss went viral.

Following the incident, Big Brother had a private disciplinary session with Kemen and Tboss and reached the verdict to have him evicted for sexual misconduct.

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  1. Kemen is very right, the video depicts every word he said. The problem with Nigerians is that we are always too quick to judge. You have great potentials and I see you soaring higher than your imaginations kemen. The Lord is your strength

  2. Exactly so. otherwise her reaction would have bin different. also note! not all bb sessions with the housemates are r for the viewers. so ur eviction could b preplanned.

  3. Broda move on dat moni she no go carry am…so sombody can finger her without her knowing???isoraaaiiii

  4. Question 1, why will a lady that says she hates u now ask u to massage her while she’s necked. 2, if kemen was sleeping already, can’t she go to another bed. What was she even looking for going to lie down with him when they have more than enough bed. 3, did she lie down with him necked. How can ur hand enter inside like that for someone wearing tight and pant within that seconds in that video while her legs are closed together and not spread apart. We are not small children here abeg.

  5. I see u kemen..
    U’ve spoken well..
    Life continues bruh…
    And greater heights await u..

  6. Okay! I really do believe Kemen, because from the as a lady no matter how deep I sleep ….. I know the position of my pant wen I wear it, she can’t say she didn’t know that her pant shifted, that means ….. She is a regular fucker or maybe a whore, because a whore’s pant is welcomed to everyone, Abeg Aunty Tboss, u really need medical advice before one day, u will say that u woke up naked ….. Aka Tboss the liar, don’t worry, we will be waiting for u now, so u can come and also do it moment of truth, God go punish u if u no bring back the money, walking corpse …. Chai …. There is God oh!!!!

  7. Comment: this is just so annoying……..fingering ke, dat sounds absurdn Kemen no need to xplain again jor make she chop d moni make we see na