Kendrick Lamar Slammed With Lawsuit, Accused of Ripping off Another Singer


New reports have just confirmed that Kendrick Lamar has been accused of ripping off singer Bill Withers for his song, “I Do This” on his 2013 mixtape.

According to the lawsuit, Lamar simply added his rap lines to Withers’ song ‘Don’t Want You To Stay’ released in 1975, and the rapper did so without permission.

“The musical composition “I Do This” consists of nothing more than new, so-called Rap or Hip Hop lyrics, set to the existing music of “Don’t Want You To Stay,” the lawsuit obtained by Billboard read

The company filing the lawsuit, Mattie Music Group, says it now owns the rights to the song and want the multi award winning rapper to quit using the song; they are pursuing damages, while accusing Lamar of copyright infringement.

The rapper is yet to react to this. Meanwhile, you can listen to both songs here:

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