Kim Kardashian Reveals The Craziest Place She Has Had Sex


Well, Kim Kardashian has released a s*x tape, a nude photo claiming she had nothing to wear and has done a playboy shoot, it’s only natural that the craziest place she’s had s*x would come out too.

Kim decided dish out on this when in a Q&A on her website’s live stream and revealed the craziest place she’s had s*x!

A fan asked if she was part of the mile high club (People who had done the business on an airplane), Kardashian said “Am I? Yeah. But like the private. I don’t think like a public plane…It would have to be an international flight. It was an international, night flight when no one’s like around.”

Asked about the craziest place she’s had s*x, Kim had this to say,

“Like a public movie theatre, yeah.”

It’s suspected that she said this so as not to be outshined by sister Khloe who’d earlier revealed she’d lost her virginity at age 15.

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