Mercy Johnson Wades Into P-Square Saga: ‘I’m in tears as I listen to Paul’s song’


More celebrities are speaking out about the Okoye family drama, the most recent being Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson.

Yesterday, the new mum shared a touching post where she begged the brothers not to split up.

“All we ask Lord is peace at the end,” the prolific star wrote, adding, “In tears as I listen [to] ‘Calling Heaven’, as I pray #DONTSPLITPSQUARE#”

All we ask lord is peace at d end. In tears as I listen,am calling heaven as I pray #DONTSPLITPSQUARE#

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Meanwhile, many of their fans have called on the Okoye wives to intervene and make peace between the brothers, but they have carefully stayed out of it.

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    1. Hmn. Psq pls we beg u guys with your mothers soul(may God assoil her soul) Dnt spilt pls remember where u guys are coming from. God will not allow ur mums effort and prayers be in vain now that she isn’t any more. Pls Dnt allow temptation to break the relationship between no one like u