Miama Defends Ice Prince From Fans Who Accused Him Of Bleaching


Fans are shredding Ice Prince, accusing the Choc Boy Nation rapper of bleaching, but his girlfriend Miama Nkewa has refused to stand back and watch him take all the heat.

It all started yesterday when the rapper shared a new photo of himself and fans hopped on the post to point out how his knuckles are darker.

bleaching1 bleaching2 bleaching3 bleaching5 bleaching6

While many targeted only Ice prince and asked why he would want to alter his complexion, a fan ‘Som Som’ expressed disgust at the thought of the ‘Feelings’ rapper touching his girlfriend Maima with those hands. Maima, upset by the rude words decided to clap back at Som Som.

“Yup, I love em and they feel so right when he’s touching me,” Maima commented with her IG handle ‘yes I am beautiful’, adding a delightful emoji. The rude fan shot back at Maima, accused her of infidelity, but the Ghanaian beauty did not take kindly to being called out. And it all turned very messy.

See the exchange:

maim1 maim2 maim3

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