Model, Eva Apio isn’t pleased with how Father DMW’s supporters bombard her

Unless you’ve been under a rock you would have seen one of their IG lives reposted on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. UK model Eva Apio and Father DMW have been entertaining followers on social media and fans can’t get enough of the duo.

Their supposed ‘internet affair’ started as a joke but slowly turning into a love story between the two.

But fans can’t help but start to believe these two might actually go out when the lockdown is over. Eva is always blushing, laughing and seems to be having a great time chatting with Father DMW.

But it seems Eva isn’t enjoying the cons that comes with it. She says Father’s fans are doing to much, and it’s becoming annoying to her.

She tweeted; “The father supporters are doing a lot now honestly. At first it was just fun but now it’s annoying guys. Even my friends lives that i join you ask for him when he clearly can’t be there. Even under my comments, Like lemme breathe.

“This simply started as a talent show and now I don’t even like going on live anymore because you all bombard me. For the people saying he gave me followers, ok and so did i for him. I’m grateful for the followers but i’m also good without them.”


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