Nigerians blasts BET after they wished Olamide a happy birthday using a wrong picture

We do not want to take this too seriously because we believe it is a honest mistake from a half-asleep or maybe even lazy social media guy at the BET Headquarters.

Anyway, it’s Olamide Baddo’s birthday today and just as everyone else, Black American cable channel, BET was thoughtful enough to send birthday shouts to our superstar. There’s nothing wrong with that, aye!

Only little problem is the photo that accompanies the tweet has some guy in a hat with a guitar in a hand.

Does Olamide play the guitar? No. Is this guy Olamide? No. Does he even slightly look like Olamide? Hell no. So how did the “social media guy” come across this photo and what happened to checking Olamide’s Twitter account to confirm or do the most stressful (we imagine), check Google.

But we’re not annoyed, we’ll let these Nigerians do proper justice.


BET Networks has since taken the post down but have shared the right photo with a birthday message.

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  1. You’ll not fail, you’ll not fall nor falter. Finding favour with God and men! #happybirthdaymyownpadi.