Olamide Declares Love For The Nigerian P**sy Song; See What He said About The Singer


If you haven’t heard, or have been living under a rock.. there’s a music video on youtube about ‘Nigerian P**sy’ which has gone viral. All the singer talks about is how good Nigerian P**sy is. Gross right?

Princess Vitarah’s Nigerian Pussy song is still trending. And now the upcoming singer/rapper has earned one big fan – the YBNL boss Olamide, who tweeted at her yesterday to declare his love for her music. “Thank u Aunty oni Nigeria pussy for making me laugh ds morning,” Olamide said, adding, “I love ur music”

Princess Vitarah

On Twitter, Princess Vitarah revealed that she has no management and is not signed on to any label. But the tasty song has garnered over 60, 000 views since it’s release midnight February 29, more than the views most Nigerian top singers get on the first day of their music release.

If you’re yet to watch the viral video, check it out below

How can something so wrong, sound so right. I want to hate this but I don’t, smiled all through.

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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