Peter Okoye Lists Conditions For Getting Back With PSquare


One half of the African supergroup, PSquare, Peter Okoye aka Mr. P has listed his condition for getting back together with his brother Paul.

According to an interview granted to NET by a close ally of the group and its first manager, Howie T, Peter just wants Jude Okoye off the group.

Howie T was Psquare’s manager from 2001 to 2005, before their brother Jude Okoye took over as the band’s manager.

Peter cited reasons like Jude Okoye bossing over the brothers and sharing their money equally instead of taking 15% to 25% like a manager is supposed to do.

Here are excerpts from Howie T’s chat with in 8 quick points

1. Well, the guys in question are adults, married with children, so I think we should respect their opinion. And the truth is, I believe they know what they are doing’

2. When I saw Peter’s Tweets, I called him and even went to see him to talk to him about it. He said Jude is the problem that he doesn’t have any issue with Paul’.

3. He told me that in a normal setting, a manager is supposed to be their employee and not the other way round, but Jude always uses his influence as their elder brother to boss over them. He also said managers collect between 15 – 25 % of an artiste’s income but in their case they share everything equally and he’s not happy with that sharing formula’.

4. ‘In my opinion I think Peter is just trying to prove a valid point. He told me that he turned down a show Jude got them in Finland and when they called them for the Dubai show, he told the organisers what it takes to get Peter and Paul, what it takes to get Peter or Paul alone’.

5. Secondly, things like this messes up an artiste’s creativity, Peter is a composer, dancer and singer, when they sit down to vote on songs that’ll make their album, Paul and Jude vote for more of Paul’s songs than Peter’s and these are the things that pisses him off.

6. It has gone beyond just beef now, there’s a lot of ego at play’.

7. In my opinion, for peace to reign, why can’t Jude just leave them alone, Peter has told me that if they change Jude today, there’ll be Psquare tomorrow and sadly the only person that can talk to them is their mother and she’s dead’.

8. Well, 20 children cannot play together for 20 years’.

Apparently, it has gone beyond beef now, the ego has set in



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