Rumour Control: Linda Ikeji Did NOT Tweet This


Linda Ikeji has stepped on a lot of very powerful toes and egos of recent and the very visible blogger is suffering from some backlash.

Also as a genuinely successful young black woman, there is some amount of hate that follows. She fanned the flames of the haters with some of her recent comments about her wealth in the infamous fake Hermes brouhaha.

Now some dubious fellows seeking traffic/attention or just courting plain controversy have created some photoshopped Twitter screenshots that attempt to depict Linda Ikeji mouthing off about her material possessions and saying she can buy any man.

The creators of the hoax were also mean enough to share an unflattering old photo of Linda with their photoshop creation.

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We have verified that the story is false, doctored and created to cast aspersion on the character of Ms. Ikeji.

DG Media

Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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  1. This is just “damage control” I feel this lady is capable of such tweet. She never expected such reaction,this claim is just a way of remedying her damaged personality caused by her misguided utterance. such statement is not easy to frame on someone. she has to watch her ego.because, ordinarily one wouldn’t expect it to generate such a heated reaction,she felt it’s something one would just make lite response to and let go,unfortunately the biscuit broke from a wrong spot for her, and she has to deny the tweet just to save her face.