Singer Solidstar Ambushed by Area Boys on the Streets of Lagos (Video)


Today, Solidstar got a taste of what the street is like for the Nigerian celebrity when he wound down his car window and was ambushed by area boys lurking around.

From the clip the angry looking men thrust their hands through the open windows, yelling at him to give them some money, and the singer had to pull away from their reach as the encounter got threatening.

“The street is real,” the singer later captioned the video on his Instagram page, and fans are already telling him how lucky he was, and why he should never wind down his windows while in traffic.

Watch the clip here:

the street is reeeel ?

A video posted by SOLIDSTAR JOSH INIYEZO (@officialsolidstar) on

See some of the reactions in his page:

solid1 solid2 solid3 solid4

Photo Credit: OTV

DG Media

Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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