Toolz Urges Ladies to be “Careful With This Twerking on IG Live”

Toolz wants every woman to protect their future.

The OAP took to her Twitter yesterday to share her concerns with the rising rate of women twerking on Instagram Live during this pandemic, adding that while their performance seems entertaining at the moment, this could come back to harm them in the future.

And she cited her personal experience, how she lost a job offer because her interviewers looked up some of her YouTube vlog.

“Ladies pls be careful with this twerking on IG live thing. You never know who is recording and holding on to the footage. Protect yourself,” she tweeted.

She continued, “Just imagine, we’re a decade in the future, great opportunities are coming to you, and someone pulls out footage of you twerking on IG live pouring milk on yourself. Its sad cos historically, women tend to lose out more in these situations.”

Ultimately, she noted that adults can do whatever they choose to do with their bodies, but she is only sounding a note of warning, especially because of how unfairly the scale tips for women.

See her tweets below:

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