Trendy OR Trashy? – Actress, Dayo Amusa’s New Hairstyle Has Got Everyone Talking [Photos]


Popular Nollywood actress, mostly known for her roles in yoruba movies, Dayo Amusa, shared a shot of her new hairstyle on Instagram.

Of course she was expecting an applause from her fans for being creative. But it was actually the other way round. Fans immediately came after her saying the hairtsyle was to ‘razz’. Photos Below.



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What do you think about the hairstyle? Too Razz? Classy? Okay? Too much? – Be the judge

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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  1. She shudav been bold enough to scrape off one side of her natural hair.The hairstyle wudav turned out better.Using a weave made it look a tad bit too ghetto. Not a totally bad look if u ask me.I ll score d hairstyle 60%.

  2. It’s beautiful. Nt rass, pple make this style with their natural hair nd go away with it. So why wld they call dis names?

  3. The hairstyle is cool and fitting, there’s nothing razz about it. People should stop being too judgemental