Tunde Aluko Reveals How Ali Baba Saved A Celebrity From Committing Suicide

Tunde Aluko, the producer of Teju Babyface’s show has taken to social media to share the story of how the comic legend Ali Baba saved a colleague from suicide.

According to Aluko, the drama started 2 weeks ago, when the unnamed celebrity began to make disturbing posts on social media which many of his followers ignored.

“I had liked the 1st 3 pictures thinking it was a creative thought. When the 4th & 5th pictures were posted in quick succession I started to pay attention. Each picture made a connection to the last,” Aluko said, adding that the disturbed individual ended his posts with a photo of someone who was hanged.

Worried, Tunde Aluko contacted some of his colleagues but they dismissed the suicide hints. “Another one said (this guy just collected DSTV money, he can’t kill himself, all the hustle just paying off, why will he kill himself ,” Aluko said.

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