Watch Former #BBNaija Housemate Bally’s Interview that Got TBoss’ Fans Upset

In a chat with TheNetng, former Big Brother Naija Housemate Bally talked about his relationship with TBoss and how surprised he was to find out that she had fans.

He was asked how how he felt about the Buzz Tboss is generating, he said:

“That’s surprising to me, It’s a surprising buzz because while we were in the house Tboss was probably the housemate that irritated us the most, she was the one that got on our toes the most i feel, Just because living with her is kind of hard. She’s a cool person to be friends with, she’s a cool person to gist with, a cool person to relate with. But living with her is a completely different ball game. She was quite fragile, She makes a big deal out of small things, That was just the main issue i think i had with Tboss, and most other housemates had with Tboss. So when i came out and i heard that Tboss was buzzing, Boss Nation and all that, i was surprised”

He was then asked if he would spend the money ‘In one week like Tboss’, he said:

“Is that what Tboss said? That she will 25 million naira in one week? Kai! and she has fans”

He also adds that he’s rooting for Efe.

This interview got TBoss’ fans angry, Watch below:

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And see some reactions:

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  1. Good day Nigerians, Good day Africa, Good day BigBrodians. Well, straight to d point, I’m not a BG fan of BigBrotherNaija or should I say wasn’t a fan.
    I’ll love if we as Nigerian Youths can just be logical for once!
    Let me break it down, I have watched Bisola, Efe and debieRise for exactly a week now( well, I know some of u have been on dem for d whole 70days and would claim to know dem more. Issorai!).
    I have pure love for Busola, I have been a fan before she went into d big brother house so u can say I’m biased😊. Well, Bisola is talented, smart, strong and she’s a go getter. Bisola is a seed that’s germinating already and will definitely yield lots of great fruits😊.
    Efe, he’s strong, determined and finally a product of grace.
    DebieRice:😊 Not until after this campaign did I understand dis young lady, I used to see her as someone with a very very low self esteem, no charisma and infact, I wondered what she was doing in the big brother house, she seem very clueless to me.
    But after this campaign , I understand Debie, u need to be where she’s coming from to know what it’s like and how it feels. Debby is like someone who everyone totally looks down upon and needs to prove she can do it, she’s great, she’s special. It’s easy to have a whole lot of pple not believe in you or support u but getting that from your Family is sad. It hurts when u grow up with no love and u don’t get why, u feel like d bad egg among your siblings and still got Lotta love for everyone. Now I understand y Debbie acts d way she does with Tboss😊 Tboss showers her with love and plenty attention(well you all say tboss is only using her, she wouldn’t know dat ). Pple like debieRise will easily get carried away when someone shows den very Lil love so don’t blame her, she craves for it.

    Finally, based on Logistics as d #teamEfe would say, I’m officially with TeamDebieRise!
    You wonder y?
    Efe won’t make a good Ambassador, he sure needs d money but we shouldn’t turn BBN into a poverty elevation scheme, Eve has been given d chance to showcase himself as a rapper and if he’s DAT good, I’m sure he won’t find it difficult to find record deals infact, they should all be waiting for him already.
    My sweet lovely talented Lady Bisola, u deserve to be BBN Ambassador 100% we love you all d way up or should I just speak for myself and say I love u scatter, I’m very sure u have over #25m waiting for u out here cos most high profile directors would be on ur chase darling, u are talented. You’re gonna make $25m in less time than u imagine, it’s in you baby! My self built queen. You have shown d world a whole lot.
    DebieRise would be an inspiration to Lot of teenagers battling with self confidence and low self esteem. She’s going to be a great BBN ambassador. #teamDebieRise!!! I’m officially with u!

  2. Comment:everyone cant be like u.aint u ashamed of ur self? after ttt left u decided to sleep wit bisola n u think its the fun of bbn? grow up