Y’all should buy Wizkid’s album if y’all are gonna appropriate his music and style – Joe Budden to American Artistes

Veteran US rapper, Joe Budden has accused American artistes of ripping off Wizkid’s style and refusing to support him.

The rapper initiated this conversation during popular talk show, Everyday Struggle, where he sat down with Dj Akademiks and other artiste to analyse the Nigeria’s latest style (a fusion of Afrobeats and Carribean sounds) which became popular after Wizkid’s collaboration with Drake on one Dance.

Joe Budden

Joe Budden thinks many American artistes are copying the Wizkid’s sounds, and sadly, are not promoting him, are not buying his latest album Sounds From the Other Side.

“Wizkid’s album came out. We’ve never talked about it, and it’s amazing. I don’t think that it is fair that all you n-ggas can steal Wizkid’s Carribean f–king style and flow and songwriting and not buy the f–king album.”

Wizkid [Instagram]
The hosts argued about what’s Carribean sounds and what’s African in Wizkid’s style, and they somehow reached an agreement that Wizkid’s style is not really Caribbean. It is a hybrid, actually.

However, Budden still insisted that Wizkid invented this creation, this fusion, which is being ripped off by American artistes. He insists that it is unfair that they have refused to promote Wizkid as they should.

Watch the video:


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