10 Common Lies That Girls Tell Guys All The Time

This post is especially for the guys and not meant to ridicule the ladies in any way. As guys we just want to go down memory lane and look at some of the common lies girls have told us in times past so the next brother can double check or take things with a pinch of salt. What are brothers for after all, don’t laugh alone too!

I don’t date for money


Who does not know that most girls would date even a monkey for money. Better goan hustle, cute boys don’t get the girls, if you think I am lying, check how many fine girls are married to ugly but rich men!

Looks don’t matter to me

ugly meme

Even you saw her good looks before you approached her, your personality won’t win her over. Nobody walks around with an X-ray, good looks matter to all girls, if you are not good looking, have good money!

I am on my period

period meme

One of the oldest lies in the book that girls use to get out of having sex with their boyfriends is that “I am on my period” line.  Common! You are not a monster, you don’t want to go down there.

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