10 Grooms Who Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears At Their Wedding

As a man, one of the most shameful things you can do (according to society) is cry in public. Being a man is akin to strength so crying is seen as a huge sign of weakness and men are supposed to keep a brave face at all times.

However for some men, certain moments can touch their heart and make them give into their emotions. One of these moments seems to be during their wedding.

Some grooms will smile, others will have a straight face but these days, some men will hold nothing back and shed tears. It may be during the wedding or after, but a wave of emotion will hit them and cause them to cry because of how blessed they are to have their wife.

Below are 10 beautiful photos of grooms crying at their wedding”

1. When the groom can’t believe his good fortune


2. When your bride is a beauty to behold


3. When you still can’t believe you’re marrying an awesome woman


4. When the tears just keep falling


5. When the best man can’t believe how soft his friend is


6. When the bride understands your tears


7. When the groom is in love with the dress too


8. When the bride is there for you


9. When both the bride and groom’s tears are in sync


10. When the groom and bride dab their tears


And the groom who melted our hearts, crying like a baby while his wife walked down the aisle. Watch below:




Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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