10 Things You Didn’t Know About Van Vicker


If you love Nollywood movies, you have probably encountered Van Vicker. He is described as a sexy character due to his humble appearance and character in most of the movies. Van Vicker is a character with a high attraction power and this is the reason why many ladies like watching his movies.

He has acted in several movies together with other major Nollywood stars such as Desmond Eliot, Rita, Stephanie, Jackie Appiah, Ramsey and Mercy Johnson. In most of these movies, he plays the role as the main character. Apart from acting, Van Vicker has a passion for directing movies and is currently working to actualise this dream. Below is a description of some of the things you probably do not know about him.
10 Lesser Known Facts about Van Vicker

1. Van Vicker Is From Ghana


Many people actually do not know that Van Vicker is Ghanaian. His mother is half Liberian and Ghanaian while his father is Dutch. It is a normal assumption that most people starring in Nollywood Movies are majorly Nigerian, which is wrong for Van Vicker.

He is more active in Nigeria than in Ghana and that is why he is presumed to be a Nigerian. He has been approached by many Nigerian producers who have contributed to his active life in Nigeria.

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