11 Of Our Favorite Actors/Actresses From Telemundo

They are gorgeous and highely talented.

They crept into the Nigerian television scene after the launch of Telemundo on DStv and now, they are some of Nigerians’ favourite actors all over the world. From their fashion sense to the intrigues, betrayals, cry and laugh, these Telemundo stars have become Nigerian darlings.

In no particular order, here’s a list of 10 Telemundo stars Nigerians love to see and watch on TV.

Carlos Ponce


Carlos Ponce is the George Clooney of soap opera actors — he gets sexier with age. From his performance in Cruel Love to Santa Diaba, Carlos Ponce has become one of the most popular Telemundo star that Nigerians love.

Ximena Duque


From her roles in Someone’s Watching to Santa Diaba, Behind Closed Doors and Fearless Heart, Ximena Duque, has entrenched her presence in the minds of lovers of Telemundo station on cable network. And yea, she’s also ina relationship with Carlos Ponce.

Fabian Rios


This Colombia actor has wowed Telemundo lovers in his roles that leaves his perfect body in the imagination of married and single ladies. From his passionate roles in My Heart Beat For Lola to his role in Elena’s Ghost, Delmonte Dynasty, Fearless Heart and Labour of Love, Fabian made himself one of the most talked about actors in telemundo series.

Jencarlos Canela


Jencarlos Canela exudes such sexiness that leaves several female fans asking for more. His roles in My Heart Beats for Lola and Forbidden Passion have further shown that he’s the master of steamy-hot sex scenes.

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