11 Signs That Your Girlfriend/Wife Is Cheating On You


Cheating. It happens. Does it happen often? Not really. Will someone cheat on you? Hopefully not. But if Robert Pattinson — This generation’s teen heartthrob — can get cheated on, then what chance do you have that your partner will remain faithful?

3 years ago, over 30% of women indicated that they would be tempted to cheat if their partner could never find out.

Here Are 11 Signs That Your Girlriend/Wife Is Cheating On You:

She Detaches Herself From Your Family


The fact that she no longer wants to attend your family’s functions or hang with your friends is one of our signs she’s cheating on you.

This sign may be indicative of cheater’s remorse on her part, which means that she likely feels guilty about cheating.

The less she immerses herself in your circles (which contain people who are painful reminders of her sins), the less mental anguish she’ll have to endure.

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