14 Creative Traditional Wedding Cakes That Are Just Beyond Amazing

For most cake makers these days, baking a cake for a traditional wedding or engagement is a time to show off your creativity. Nigerian bakers are not smiling as they dish out one imagination-fulfilling cake after another. Some of these cakes shaped in the form of folded clothes, shoes, beads, fez caps etc. are so realistic that you are almost tempted to touch them, unfold them and wear them.

So we went trawling on Instagram to get you some of the best cakes that would not only have you drooling with longing but leave your mouth agape with wonder – how do they do it?!

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Check out some of these crazy beautiful cakes from the Empress Galleria, Dripples Cakes and Helado Delicia. These are just a smattering of samples from just a few of Nigeria’s innovative bakers. There are more out there. So when it is time for your traditional wedding, don’t just settle for your run-off-the-mill couple on a cake, hand bag cakes – aim high!

Think of a masterpiece that would not only make your guests green with envy but would have your kids wishing they were at your wedding when they see the wedding pictures. Check out these not-just-cakes these wonderful works of art below for inspiration

1. Treasure chest or cake


Art by Dripple cake
This cake is so stunning that it trended on Instagram for days and gained its maker many new followers on teh socail media site.

2. A groom’s cake to beat all groom’s cakes


Art by The Empress Galleria
Inspired by the traditional male outfit in the Niger Delta and parts of Eastern Nigeria, this cake is so realistic that you can almost imagine it on former President Goodluck Jonathan. Check out the gold-tipped staff.

3. A touch of Benin and Ghana


Art by The Empress Galleria
This Kente cloth decorated with a Benin staff is everything. Check out the details on the lace “George” and the sheen on the bead – so shiny you almost want to wear it.

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