14 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Wedding Photo Shoots

A wedding day is a joyful, bright and festive event to celebrate love. At least for a bride and a groom. However, a photographer responsible for photos you will show your grandchildren often faces difficult and sometimes even dangerous challenges.

Next time you want some “special” photo, thank your camera man, because he or spares no pain to provide you with the best shots!

1. They seem to enjoy nothing less than Versailles Ponds!

ding1 ding2 ding3

2. The most important is to set the priorities straight…

ding4 ding5

3. How on earth did they manage to lift the bride up there


4. I hope, the groom doesn’t mind


5. Luckily, none of these were merry-go-round sick


6. This seems to be their main professional pose

ding9 ding10

7. Despite gravitation forces


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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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