20 Ridiculous Baby Names Banned From Around The World

Lots of parents-to-be struggle to think of a baby name, but this is mostly due to other people piping in with their opinions.

And not because the government finds your name choice so utterly horrifying that they legally ban you from using it.

Last year gave us some real horrors, but 2016 has served up the finest in banned baby names, proving some adults really do need full-time supervision.

1. Anus

According to The Mirror, a set of parents in Denmark chose to ignore the list of 7000 approved names in the country, and instead chose to call their offspring, Anus. Unsurprisingly, they were stopped.

2. Lucifer

Lucifer was on a 2014 list for banned names in New Zealand, and in 2013, when the devil also appeared on the blacklist.

3. Fish And Chips

One set of parents saw an opportunity when they had twins, and decided to name them fish and chips. The parents from New Zealand were shown the door.

4. Justice

Compared to battered cod, Justice is seemingly innocuous , but it runs afoul of the country’s policy that rejects names that give the impression of a title – such as Corporal, Duke, Knight, Bishop and – amazingly – Senior Constable.

5. Facebook

Some parents in Sonora Mexico decided to name their new child Faceebook. Mexico has since released a list of banned names following a trend of silly applications.

Campaigner Cristina Ramírez established Article 46 to protect children from bullying at school. The names Include:

i. Twitter

Why name your child after one of the world’s biggest social network?

ii. Robocop

Sigh, these parents can’t be trusted

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