3 Nigerian Billionaire Men Under 40

Some of the biggest achievers in the world have started their modest journeys at a very early age. The elderly crop of billionaires had to strive their way into success. But in today’s “instant coffee” age, one just needs an idea to click to be a billionaire. Here are some of the success stories of Nigerian men under the age bracket of forty, and have already made it big.

Sijibomi Ogundele


Sijibomi is notably the youngest Nigerian man so far to reach a billion in earnings from business investments. He is 34 and the CEO of Sijimoto, a real estate business empire. Sijimoto is a key player in real estate both in Nigeria and beyond. He currently has over 70 houses in Ikoyi listed as his own

Sijibomi was not born a success. He worked himself into it. He grew up in Agege but because of his vision, he decided to push on for a better life. At a very young age, the young lad would leave his suburb Agege to be at the Ikoyi Polo Club; his mission then was to be like the rich and opulent so as to emulate their unique lifestyles.

Today, his lifestyle suits his status as a billionaire. Sijibomi revealed his affection for fast cars and antique watches. At 33, he bought a pricey Patek Phillipe wristwatch that costs $150,000 (N23 million) and when asked, he said he procured it so his grandson can one day use it.

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