5 Hottest Girlfriends Of Top Nigerian Music Artistes

So Mr. Omo Baba Olowo, OBO has been for the past few days all about his American based Guinea model, named “Sira”.

It’s no doubt that the young lady is one gorgeous damsel who has caught the heart of  Davido. Each and every time he shares her photo, he adds a very interesting caption to it.

So we figured, not only Davido has gorgeous looking angels… Why don’t we produce a list of Nigerian artistes who have stunning girlfriends.

Check out these Nigerian entertainers who have flawless looking beauties as their girlfriends + their photos

Ice Prince Zamani and Maima Williams



Chocolate city rapper, Iceprince, had first refused to share photos of his beau, trying not to reveal her identity … C’mon! A Bae like this ?? She’s hard not to show off!

The Handsome/Dapper looking rapper sure deserves a beautiful woman in his life and thus! Maima!

Maima is a Ghanaian French model who arguably is the finest on our list. Checkout her stunning photos below:


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  1. Abeg u guys too exagerate jare. Asides Maima who is utterly stunning anna n tania shld most def come b4 2 n 3. And they r not all that. They r fine chics but nothin extraordinary. Babes full 9ja wen make. These ones look ugly. By d way I av no beefs. I know am ugly n am fine wit it. Just don’t try exagerate so much nxt time.

  2. I like davidos girlfriend the most. Shes cute. Ice price’s girl looks too flashy, she probably would be plain if she wasnt all blinged out and made up. Still wondering how Anna Banner won MBGN oo! When powede lawrence was there.