5 Popular Nollywood Actresses Who Married Other Women’s Men

It is not a new thing for a woman to remarry. In fact, it happens everywhere but we shall be looking at these top Nollywood actresses because they are superstars and the whole saga that surrounded them at the time of the said marriage.

Without much ado, we bring you the list of top 5 Nollywood actresses who married other women’s husbands.

1. Funke Akindele

Popularly called Jenifa, 39-year-old Ikorodu-born funny actress’s marriage to Mr Kehinde Oloyede can be said to be one of the shortest marriage in the history of Nollywood. Everyone, aside the actress knew the marriage was bound to end before it even started. A superstar in the Nigerian movie industry and a University of Lagos graduate, walking down the aisle with a man who already has about 6 children from 3 women?

Funke Akindele and ex hubby, Mr Oloyede

Talking about how the union went awry, the ever funny actress said: “I was abused emotionally and verbally. Really, I felt we could work things out when the trouble started two months after the marriage, but I made up my mind and shut the door of the marriage at him when the trouble was coming to me too much. I stooped to conquer him; buried my fame and name to make him my husband, but it did not work.

”At a point in time, I asked if it’s not the same man that was all over me before we married. He nearly got me off my career. He called me severally; I did not pick his calls but when he realized my silence was tormenting him, he took to Facebook. It’s alright. Ask him when did he come to my house last? He left me here in my rented apartment with nothing and he will just dash in and dash out. He gets abusive, caustic anytime we have a misunderstanding and often told me to my face, he’s going to his wife in Oshodi.”

Funke Akindele is however now back and better and we love that the girlpower in her has continuously made her project ahead in her career.

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