5 Types Of Food You Should Avoid Eating After 7pm

People basically believe food should be taken in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. However, there is no scientific finding, which states clearly it is compulsory to eat only three times in a day. What a good number of nutritionists agree upon is that, if someone is not fasting, someone should take his breakfast, early in the morning and latest between 9-10am. While lunch should be taken between 12-2pm.

Dinner or supper is eaten at different time by people. It is also not advisable to eat supper late at night. Dinner is best eaten around 7pm and latest 8pm. The reason for this, is that there are some foods, when eaten late at night in high quantity, may make a person not to enjoy his night rest, as these foods could lead to constipation the following morning or frequent urinating at night.

Some of these foods are given below:

1. Pounded yam


Pounded yam is a food common in states like Ekiti, Ondo, Osun and even among the Igbos. Some Hausas also love it. It is one of the foods most people asked for when they go to Bukateria, especially if those people lovestraditional delicacies. The health challenge of eating pounded yam late at night is that, it could lead to constipation. It could also make someone to become very heavy, and also not willing to do any work. It induces sleep. It is better to eat it in the afternoon.

2. Amala


They Yorubas eat Amala a lot. It is a product of grinded dry yam. Basically, yam powder is the raw form of Amala. Amala is gotten when the yam powder is added to hot boiling water and stirred for some minutes inside a pot. This food is one of the most urine-inducing foods, when eaten late at night. Although, it digests easily, however it makes someone urinate more than often.

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