6 Top Nightclubs In Lagos You Need To Visit

Lagos is a city that never sleeps. So if you’re looking for a fun night out. Your options are endless.

This is a list of the clubs with the best dj’s, the best music and the best people. Never ever a dull moment.

1. Quilox


Owned by Shina Peller, this club is probably the biggest in Lagos, you’re sure to spot a celebrity or 6 of you ever go to Quilox.

2. Club 57


This club is for the young, wild and free looking to have a good time. No need to keep up appearances here, you can dance however till whenever.

3. Vapors


This club is a bit more conservative, but the music and the ambiance is always top notch.

4. Spice Route


Spice is Indian/Chinese restaurant which turns into a club at the end of the day. The most interesting thing about this place is giant Buddha statue right in the middle of the hall.

5. Virus


Although this place is relatively new, it’s steadily becoming one of the most popular spots in Lagos.

6. Club Escape


This club is packed full almost every night. Probably because it’s the perfect spot for a night out with your guys or girls.

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  1. Where are these clubs located.located . can you share me with their addresses . am new in the city anand wanna have fun