7 Types Of Danfo Drivers You Will Meet If You Live In Lagos

danfo buses

If you are just like me and haven’t been blessed with your own car yet and happen to be the type that goes out a lot, you might have met one or two of these types of danfo drivers. You know there is no money for cab as dollar rates have increased.


We all know that the commercial bus business is a two man business usually comprising the bus driver and his conductor but some drivers will for whatever reason refuse to have a conductor and instead they will turn the passengers into the conductors. It is passengers that will gather the money, it is passengers that will pass the change.


Is it just me or do I have the habit of always coming across the danfo drivers that are always related to everyone. You will always hear them saying “omo iya mi,” “maami.” Did you miss road ni?


Change cannot be given to you every time, sometimes you must bring the change. No matter how late or early the time of day is, this danfo drivers will be shouting to their conductors to tell you to enter with your change.

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