Blackout Bodies Is The New Tattoo Craze

We’ve seen our fair share of tattoo trends, but the latest is something truly amazing to behold. The trend we’re talking about is the one where people fill in entire sections of their body with black ink, aka blackout tattoos.

While such tattoos look like they’d be painful to get, the end result is so starkly beautiful, that we can understand why some brave people think they are worth the pain.


Singapore tattoo artist Chester Lee of Oracle Tattoo, is one of the pioneers of the trend. He told Cosmopolitan that he has been specializing in the “blackout” design for five years.


Some tattoos can take several sessions to complete, and Lee told ‘Cosmo’ one of his designs took up to 20 hours. But as you can tell from the pictures, the results are astounding.


Some people opt for the full sleeve …


… while others like to insert designs between the blackout sections.


This person included some text in the midst of the solid black, which makes the word really pop out.


You can also use the solid black ink to create different designs, like this one of trees and a bird flying out of it.


We’ll see how people continue altering and coming up with new ways to use the solid black ink, but these are definitely a cool way to style your body.


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